My name is Abdulla Rashed Al Suwaidi. I am the founder of Suwaidi Pearls, the world’s only Arabian pearl farm, and I am the last in a long line of original pearl divers going back for generations.
Welcome to the treasures of culture and nature.
My journey to discover my own treasure began with my grandfather, a man who dedicated nearly five decades to diving for Arabian pearls, revered worldwide for their exquisite beauty. These pearls, cherished for generations, played a vital role in shaping the economy of the Arabian Gulf. The divers, with their incredible ability to delve beneath the ocean's surface and recover these treasures from the sea floor, were the lifeblood of our coastal communities.
In everyone's mind lies a treasure, something they spend their entire lives pursuing and searching for.
My earliest memories are of my grandfather, taking me by the hand and guiding me through the narrow streets to the shoreline. There, he would wade into the sea, leaving me in awe.
I often joked with my brother, calling him "half man, half fish," as no one else could endure the depths and time he spent underwater. Yet, for him and the other divers, it was a way of life, a calling. They would depart on long journeys that spanned months, never certain if they would return to their loved ones on the shore. But it was essential; our world depended on those precious pearls.
However, as the 1930s arrived, alternative sources of pearls inundated the market, causing prices to plummet and ushering in a new era. The discovery of oil further reshaped our way of life, rendering the pearl diving tradition a relic of the past. The once vibrant stories of that last generation started fading into oblivion. It was then that my grandfather urged me to seek out the elderly divers, listen to their tales, and ask questions. I heeded his advice, and more. I embarked on a journey of learning, mastering both free diving and scuba diving. From a hundred oysters, I would extract just one tiny pearl, a mere one percent success rate. But I persisted, driven by the desire to uncover my own treasure.
Years later, it dawned on me what my grandfather had accomplished by leading me to the shore. He had unwittingly bequeathed me a hidden treasure, revealing the perfect spot for cultivating pearl oysters along our coast, a place where the mountains met the sea. The pearls we produce here originate from the same waters that once yielded natural pearls. The same environment, the same pristine waters. Once again, the world yearns for our pearls. Collaborating with local artists, we've showcased the unparalleled beauty of Arabian pearls, garnering international acclaim.
I refuse to let the past fade into the annals of history. I want it to be more than black and white photographs, films, or stories whispered to children. I want it to be a tangible entity that can be seen and touched. I want more people to experience the magic of diving, to explore the depths of the ocean, and to hold an oyster that could produce the world's most exquisite gems. I want them to open it, unveiling a beauty unlike any other on Earth. It's a beauty that can only thrive here but belongs to the entire world.

Every day, more and more people arrive, eager to interact with the oysters, attempting to open them, extracting the pearls, and appreciating the unique hues. There's a treasure hidden within everyone's mind, and right here, I hope they discover it.
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The one and only Arabian Pearl Farm in the world
Join the world’s one and only journey dedicated to history, culture and treasure of pearls

  • Featured in cover page story of “Forbes Middle East” September 2013 issue.

  • Live TV program speaker on different social issues (Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV,Sharjah TV, Oman TV, Jordan TV, Abu Dhabi Radio, Dubai Radio, SharjahRadio).

  • Pearl cultivation documentaries (BBC, NHK, CNN, National Geographic,Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, MBC, AFP, APTN, Le Journal)

  • Editor of "My World" Journal (a periodic publication to sensitize the generalpublic concerning the rights of persons with disabilities).

  • Assistant in the editing and publication of 'Be My Friend' magazine forchildren in school age.

  • Writer in local newspapers about children's rights and social protection.

  • Best government speaker, voted by “Emirates Today newspaper” October2009
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